Our job is protecting and enhancing New Zealand's security and wellbeing.

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) ensures the integrity and confidentiality of government information, and investigates and analyses cyber incidents against New Zealand’s critical infrastructure. The GCSB also collects foreign intelligence bearing on New Zealand’s interests, and assists other New Zealand government agencies to discharge their legislatively mandated functions.

GCSB is headquartered in Pipitea St, Wellington, and has two communications interception stations: a high frequency radio interception and direction-finding station at Tangimoana, near Palmerston North, and a satellite communications interception station at Waihopai, near Blenheim.

The National Cyber Security Centre (external link) (NCSC) has been located within the GCSB since 2011. The NCSC provides enhanced services and advice to government agencies and critical infrastructure providers to assist them to defend against cyber-borne threats.

Andrew Hampton has been Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau since the April 2016The Director is supported by an internal Senior Leadership Team and reports directly to the Minister Responsible for the GCSB, the Attorney-General, Hon Christopher Finlayson.

GCSB has approximately 350 staff in a wide range of disciplines, including foreign language experts, communications and cryptography specialists, engineers, technicians, and support staff.