Correction to GCSB 2012/13 Annual Report

In the Government Communications Security Bureau’s Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2013, there are errors on page 22 of the report relating to the number of warrants and authorisations.

The error is because of record keeping and we reported the number of operations rather than the number of warrants. This means if there was more than one warrant or authorisation for an operation there has been an under count.

The GCSB Annual Report reported warrants and authorisations and actual warrants and authorisations are as follows:

  Warrents Authorisations
 In force  7/11  14/26
 Issued  4/5  9/11

An erratum has been issued, and the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security has been informed.

Media contacts: Antony Byers 04 819 8273 or Cherie Blithe 04 819 8226