GCSB response to IGIS report

The following statement is attributable to Andrew Hampton, Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau:

“I welcome the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security’s report into the process for determining its foreign intelligence activity and accept all recommendations,” Mr Hampton says.

The Inspector-General has found that the GCSB acted lawfully and appropriately in providing its assistance to the campaign and there was no breach of political neutrality.

“It is fundamental that the GCSB acts within the law and is politically neutral and I’m pleased that the report confirms this.” Mr Hampton says.

“Work is underway on all three recommendations and will be reported back to the Inspector-General.”

GCSB has a statutory function to collect foreign intelligence that is relevant to New Zealand’s interests and required by the Government.

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security’s has previously reported on the GCSB’s strong culture of commitment to legal compliance and has certified GCSB systems as compliant for the second year in a row.

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