Our work

GCSB’s mission is to protect and enhance New Zealand’s security and wellbeing.

To achieve our mission, GCSB has two primary objectives - to deliver Impenetrable Infrastructure and Indispensable Intelligence.

  • Impenetrable Infrastructure – New Zealand’s most important information infrastructures are impenetrable to technology borne compromise.
  • Indispensable Intelligence – Our intelligence consistently generates unique policy and operational impacts for New Zealand.

Achieving these objectives guides GCSB’s internal planning, prioritisation and resource allocation.

Under the Intelligence and Security Act 2017, GCSB has five core functions:

  • Intelligence collection and analysis;
  • Information assurance and cyber security activities;
  • Protective security advice and assistance;
  • Co-operation with other public authorities to facilitate their function, and
  • Co-operation with other entities to respond to imminent threat.

The New Zealand Security Operations Centre (NZSOC) at GCSB also provides a 24-hour 7-day threat warning service based on the combined efforts of the Five-Eyes watch-keeping services. NZSOC brings together information from a variety of sources in order to alert the New Zealand Government to incidents and threats around the world in a timely manner.

Transparency Statement

The GCSB operates under the Intelligence and Security Act 2017, as well as other legislation, such as the Privacy Act 1993.

Our work is also guided by Ministerial Policy Statements, which set out principles that the GCSB must apply when planning and carrying out activities.  The Intelligence and Security Act 2017 requires that the Minister responsible for the intelligence and security agencies issue Ministerial Policy Statements in relation to the lawful activities of the agencies.

The Intelligence and Security Act 2017 and the current Ministerial Policy Statements can be seen here:


The GCSB is also guided by oversight from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS).  The IGIS is a statutory officer providing independent external oversight and review of the intelligence and security agencies.  You can find more information on the Office of the IGIS and their role here: