Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO)

The ongoing evolution of the cyber threat environment, vulnerabilities, and technological change, has led to GCSB taking a functional leadership role in Information Security. 

This will enable a better integrated, proactive, and strategic approach to be taken across the public sector.

The Director-General GCSB is the Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO) and is the functional lead for Information Security (InfoSec) across Government. There are a range of other functional leads including Government Chief Digital Officer, Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS), Government Chief Privacy Officer (GCPO) and Government Protective Security Lead (GPSL).

This role will help strengthen Government decision making around InfoSec and support a system wide uplift in security practice.

The GCISO will draw on GCSB’s wide range of existing functions and expertise, and the unique insights we have through our international relationships to undertake this role.

GCISO will work in close partnership with other functional leads.


Information security functional lead

GCISO will support the development of the strategic direction and prioritisation of the Governments approach to information security in alignment with other system leads, this may include:

  • Co-ordination of the government’s approach to information security.
  • The identification of systemic risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Improving co-ordination between ICT operations and security roles, particularly around the digital government agenda.
  • Establishing minimum Information security standards and expectations.
  • Improving support to agencies managing complex Information security challenges.