Information Assurance

Information security threats are growing in volume and becoming more sophisticated.

This requires countries to be vigilant about protecting information affecting their national interests so they can operate effectively in a globally connected world.

The GCSB has an Information Assurance (IA) role, designed to:

  • Protect sensitive New Zealand government information from unauthorised disclosure and enable departments to communicate securely;
  • Help nationally significant organisations defend their information systems against cyber-borne threats and malicious attacks.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), located within GCSB, plays a key role in delivering cyber protection services to nationally significant organisations and dealing with high-impact cyber threats at national level.

Information assurance and cyber security activities

GCSB helps government and private sector organisations of national significance to keep their information systems and communications secure.

Our services include:

  • Providing advanced cyber threat detection and disruption (CORTEX) capability to protect nationally significant information and networks against online attacks.
  • A Malware-Free Networks cyber threat detction and disruption service.
  • Responding to incidents and helping with mitigation and prevention.
  • Conducting cyber threat analysis.
  • Providing advice and high-grade encryption hardware to protect government information.
  • Ensuring classified facilities are free from interception devices or other information security vulnerabilities.
  • Providing information security standards and guidance.
  • Assessing outer space and high-altitude activity and proposed changes to national telecommunications networks for risks to national security.