GCSB’s National Cyber Security Centre works with nationally significant government and private sector organisations to supply advanced cyber threat detection and disruption capabilities developed through the CORTEX initiative.

These capabilities counter advanced foreign malware that is typically beyond the capability of commercially available products and services to detect and prevent. Protected organisations include government departments, key economic generators, niche exporters, research institutions and operators of critical national infrastructure.

The capabilities protect against theft of intellectual property, loss of customer data, destruction or dissemination of private communications, holding data for ransom and damage to IT networks and services.

CORTEX capabilities include a Malware-Free Networks cyber threat detection and disruption service.

GCSB does not disclose the identity of individual organisations receiving CORTEX protection. Doing so might help to confirm where some of New Zealand’s most valuable information is held and so increase the targeting of cyber-attacks.


Malware-Free Networks FAQs