Malware-Free Networks (MFN) is a cyber threat detection and disruption service offered to a broad range of New Zealand’s nationally significant organisations.

It was developed as part of the CORTEX initiative to help consenting organisations to protect themselves against advanced cyber threats.

The MFN service builds on the malware detection capability provided by network operators (Internet Service Providers). It involves GCSB sharing cyber threat information and technology with consenting organisations.

  • The MFN capability only operates with the explicit consent of participating organisations.
  • The information GCSB shares focuses on foreign-sourced malware that is particularly advanced in terms of technical sophistication and/or persistence.

The MFN service was piloted with Vodafone, to trial delivery to a subset of its customers.

The pilot confirmed GCSB was able to provide added benefits and proved provision of this type of cyber threat information could be automated.

Malware-Free Networks FAQs