The selection process

If you see a vacancy you are interested in, please apply as per the instructions on the advertisement.

We will acknowledge your application via email and we will be in touch with you regarding the outcome of your application once applications close and as soon as the short-listing process for the role has been completed.


Interviews are generally undertaken by a panel that includes the manager of the area recruiting and a representative from Organisation Development and Performance. You will be asked a mixture of general and behavioural questions and have a chance to ask any questions you wish. We recommend that you prepare carefully for the interview.


If the panel feels that you have the potential to work with us, you will be invited to undergo a psychological assessment and we will conduct verbal reference checks with two work-related referees. You may be asked to return for a further interview.

You can expect that it will take a minimum of two weeks after the interview before you will know the outcome of the process.


If you are successful, you will be asked to undergo a comprehensive security clearance that must be passed before you can commence work with us. This can take over 6 months, so we recommend you stay in your current job or take up temporary work while waiting. Please consider this factor before applying - if it doesn't suit your circumstances, it may not be suitable at this time to put in an application.

Please Note: Employment with the GCSB requires candidates to have been a NZ citizen, or a citizen of UK, Canada, USA or Australia, for at least 10 years and be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret Special (TSS) security clearance. You must also be at least 20 years of age.

Ordinarily to obtain this level of clearance candidates must have a 15 year checkable background in countries where meaningful and reliable checks can be undertaken. Where requisite checks are unable to be made, the candidate’s application may not be able to progress.

More Information

Information about the security clearance vetting process can be found on the Protective Security Requirements website by searching Information for Security Vetting Candidates.